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About Us

INTL TRADE LLC, is a company with more than 15 years in the market of "grains an pulses".

We have a worldwide team, with partners in all the continets, developing customers and suppliers.

Our main market is Northern Europe and Asia, provinding them peanuts, pulses, sunflower seeds and walnuts, to the main factories and wholesellers.

We like to work thinking in the long term business, developing supply chains, customers, and working side by side.

We have providers from different parts of the World, such as Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Perú, Colombia, United States, Spain, and Turkey.

Our main objective is to improve the way food is commercialized adding different technologies to the business.

Our Services


Agricultural Business

We have a large know-how growing differents beans, pulses, and seeds around the world.

Our engineers work side by side with local farmers to help improving their productions, their costs and the quality of goods.


Grains & Pulses

We provide different factories, retails, and wholesellers all around the World during the whole year. We buy and sell products of different countries and sectors.

We buy natural seeds, we process and the we sell them with added value.


Supply Chain Advisors

Working with our customers, helping them to improve their productions, and advicing when to buy and stock goods is one of our main services.

Main Products

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